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  • Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Clark helps profitable companies stay profitable by designing, delivering, and managing wellness programs focused on addressing Chronic Disease.


  • How We Consult

    How We Consult

    Clark's balanced approach delivers a strategic vision and straightforward tactics to decrease healthcare cost and increase productivity.


  • How We Coach

    How We Coach

    Make wellness critical to your corporate culture: We bring compassionate energy, engagement, and well-being to your employees.


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Catharine has helped me in so many ways! My muscle cramps, a side effect from chemo, are completely gone!!! So are my sinusitis and plantar fasciitis. My anxiety isn’t gone but most days I don’t feel nearly as anxious as I used to.

When I am consistent, I also notice improvement in my GERD, allergies, and dry eyes. It is amazing to me that when I am not consistent that some of these problems come back, especially my muscle cramps. It is then that I know that what Catharine has me doing really works!

I used to get very anxious after going to bed and couldn't sleep, and then I’d get up and binge. I still do at times, but not as much as I used to. I have more weight to lose, but the 37 pounds I lost just seemed to melt away when I was able to stop resisting so much. At first I was frustrated by her non-diet approach, but Catharine is patient, full of knowledge, and gently persistent.

My boyfriend made just one consistent change and pretty quickly he started feeling better and has a lot less sciatic pain. What I appreciate most about Catharine is that she is "on my team", positive, very kind, motivational, and genuinely cares about me and my health.

Katie D.

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