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  • Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Clark helps profitable companies stay profitable by designing, delivering, and managing wellness programs focused on addressing Chronic Disease.


  • How We Consult

    How We Consult

    Clark's balanced approach delivers a strategic vision and straightforward tactics to decrease healthcare cost and increase productivity.


  • How We Coach

    How We Coach

    Make wellness critical to your corporate culture: We bring compassionate energy, engagement, and well-being to your employees.


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Let’s explore the opportunities … 


Catharine is an excellent coach who counsels individuals and companies to make informed changes in their food choices. Her 16-minute video shows clearly how her approach to corporate wellness can give financial benefits. It's highly commendable and I hope people will watch it:

I encourage everyone to read Catharine's paper
on the benefits of omega-3 functional foods and nutraceuticals. It's an great example of translational medicine:

People often get vague advice to ‘eat healthy’ when what they really need is information on explicit food choices that will lower health risk. I’m impressed with Catharine’s mastery of informed choices with standard foods, functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Catharine also improved tools and apps that translate cutting-edge research into easy, straightforward information that are freely available at:

Bill Lands, PhD

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