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  • Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Clark helps profitable companies stay profitable by designing, delivering, and managing wellness programs focused on addressing Chronic Disease.


  • How We Consult

    How We Consult

    Clark's balanced approach delivers a strategic vision and straightforward tactics to decrease healthcare cost and increase productivity.


  • How We Coach

    How We Coach

    Make wellness critical to your corporate culture: We bring compassionate energy, engagement, and well-being to your employees.


Three Key Messages


Let’s explore the opportunities … 


For decades I had debilitating migraines once or twice a month. I was on the couch for three days each time. With Catharine’s help I DON'T get migraines anymore!

Meanwhile with Omega Balance Wellness, I’ve lost significant weight - I never thought I’d see these numbers on my scale! I was never hungry!

Actually, I’m less hungry than before - I’ve also noticed that I have more energy for projects and new activities.

For example, with constant unpredictable migraines it was difficult to make plans. Now with Catharine's help, instead of being on the couch for days, I've recently started taking classes. If I have a tension headache, it’s pretty mild and sometimes I’m able to use the Mindfulness techniques Catharine taught me, so I don’t actually get a headache!

Now our focus is reducing my hypercholesterolemia and blood pressure. Catharine is flexible and knowledgeable and works within my parameters - and that works for me!


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