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  • Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Clark helps profitable companies stay profitable by designing, delivering, and managing wellness programs focused on addressing Chronic Disease.


  • How We Consult

    How We Consult

    Clark's balanced approach delivers a strategic vision and straightforward tactics to decrease healthcare cost and increase productivity.


  • How We Coach

    How We Coach

    Make wellness critical to your corporate culture: We bring compassionate energy, engagement, and well-being to your employees.


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Catharine is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the complex science of omega-3 and omega-6. She does an amazing job relaying this information into small, manageable chunks. I first became interested in omega-3 when I started hearing about the science behind protecting the brain from early dementia and Alzheimer's. Having a family history, and wanting to age without being a burden, I knew this concept was something I needed to explore.

After hearing Catharine's personal story, I decided to follow her lead and make some changes. I was quickly amazed by the positive effects of reducing omega-6 and increasing omega-3; I have more patience, cope with stress much more effectively, sleep like a baby, and have significantly reduced pain from athletic injuries. In addition to supporting me in this transition, Catharine has given me tips and tricks to help me improve my family's diet. The changes I have made are transforming areas in my life that I did not realize needed improvement. I never would have guessed that making small changes in your diet could make such a big difference, but I'm a believer now!

Thank you, Catharine!


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