Reduce Healthcare Costs:  Make Wellness Critical to Your Corporate Culture

Catharine Clark delivers by developing a strategic vision focused on execution. Clark has an approachable, engaging style and develops straightforward tactics. Nutritional Molecular Medicine (NMM) Improves Health at the molecular level.  Meet Catharine


Blue Chip credentials:


Wellness credentials:

PhD-H in Nutritional Molecular Medicine

MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport; graduated 6 months early; GPA 3.97 out of 4.0.  Courses included:  Clinical Epidemiology and Statistical Reasoning, Pathophysiology of Metabolic Disease, and Clinical Biochemistry.

National Institutes of Health (NIH):  Enriched formal education with numerous didactic lectures and symposia at this prestigious research facility including:  Demystifying Medicine; Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD); Management of Pro-Inflammatory States; Current Issues and Recent Developments in Dietary Supplements Research; and Vitamin D and Health in the 21st Century.

Nutrition Policy Fellow at the Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion (ODPHP) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):  Responsible for creating alignment between all HHS agencies (including NIH, FDA, CDC) and the USDA for all nutrition related Federal government publications.  Co-sponsored by the Office of Dietary Supplements, participated in the Vitamin D Federal Working Group, which examined the efficacy of the current guidelines for Vitamin D.

Obesity Solutions, Treatment, and Medicine:  The Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Roundtable of Obesity Solutions Report and one-on-one discussions with key Roundtable members have informed Clark's latest program offering. Catharine is excited to have recently attended Harvard Medical School's Treating Obesity course and Obesity Medicine Board Review.  Clark has conferred with several presenters and would like to help translate the vast body of research into practical applications for corporations, physicians, and individuals.

Interest Areas: Inflammation and Neuroinflammory Disorders; Eating Disorders, with particular focus on Obesity and Bingeing; Working with individuals with Multiple Chonic Conditions or a Dual-Diagnosis; Weight-loss Pharmacotherapy and unintended consequences of Weight-promoting medications; and Do's and Don'ts of supplementation.


 Executive Officer of a Publically Traded Company: