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  • Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Corporate Expertise – Passion for Wellness:

    Clark helps profitable companies stay profitable by designing, delivering, and managing wellness programs focused on addressing Chronic Disease.


  • How We Consult

    How We Consult

    Clark's balanced approach delivers a strategic vision and straightforward tactics to decrease healthcare cost and increase productivity.


  • How We Coach

    How We Coach

    Make wellness critical to your corporate culture: We bring compassionate energy, engagement, and well-being to your employees.


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With Catharine’s help, I’ve noticed a few important changes since incorporating her guidance into my mostly vegan diet. I have more energy. My appetite for exercise increased. I easily hit my target weight. I believe my cognitive acuity is measurably sharper and I feel pretty much feel like I did decades ago.

My wife is enjoying benefits as well. Though we’ve always paid extremely close attention to our diet, we were missing the link regarding Omega 3-6 Balance. This change has pretty dramatically filled in the blanks not only subjectively, but with the blood work we had done.

Catharine's encyclopedic knowledge of the science behind Omega Balance research will most probably convince you to make some changes in how and what you eat. But she also understands how to skillfully support you as you navigate the challenges that can arise when you transform your diet and lifestyle.

Jonathan Foust, guiding teacher, the Insight Meditation Community

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