How We Consult

Where's your Company on the Health Management Continuum?  Have a Wellness Strategy?
What's it Costing You?


How We Help:  We Help Profitable Companies Stay Profitable

We deliver to your bottom line by developing a Targeted Wellness Strategy focused on the Disease Management, Preventive Services, and Restorative Actions with the greatest Return on Investment (ROI).  Using our evidence-informed Proprietary approach we reduce healthcare costs to increase profitability.  We also increase productivity by improving Associate health and increasing Associate Engagement.


What We Do:  Strategy Experts - We Provide Solutions that Work!

We design, develop and manage comprehensive Wellness Programs.  Our team addresses rising Healthcare Costs the same way other business needs are addressed – by developing a business plan.  Using proven corporate tools, including Six Sigma – a disciplined approach to problem solving – and the Change Acceleration Process (CAP), we develop evidence-based action steps to Enhance Compliance; Empower Adherence.

                                        A Culture of Wellness Is A Culture of Winning!Clark-Circle-Graph2.png