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With Catharine’s help, I’ve noticed a few important changes since incorporating her guidance into my mostly vegan diet. I have more energy. My appetite for exercise increased. I easily hit my target weight. I believe my cognitive acuity is measurably sharper and I feel pretty much feel like I did decades ago.

My wife is enjoying benefits as well. Though we’ve always paid extremely close attention to our diet, we were missing the link regarding Omega 3-6 Balance. This change has pretty dramatically filled in the blanks not only subjectively, but with the blood work we had done.

Catharine's encyclopedic knowledge of the science behind Omega Balance research will most probably convince you to make some changes in how and what you eat. But she also understands how to skillfully support you as you navigate the challenges that can arise when you transform your diet and lifestyle.

Jonathan Foust, guiding teacher, the Insight Meditation Community

Catharine is an excellent coach who counsels individuals and companies to make informed changes in their food choices. Her 16-minute video shows clearly how her approach to corporate wellness can give financial benefits. It's highly commendable and I hope people will watch it:

I encourage everyone to read Catharine's paper
on the benefits of omega-3 functional foods and nutraceuticals. It's an great example of translational medicine: http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=62148

People often get vague advice to ‘eat healthy’ when what they really need is information on explicit food choices that will lower health risk. I’m impressed with Catharine’s mastery of informed choices with standard foods, functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Catharine also improved tools and apps that translate cutting-edge research into easy, straightforward information that are freely available at:

Bill Lands, PhD

Catharine Clark has masterful knowledge of essential fatty acid metabolism and omega 3 and 6 balance. Her writings and presentations are clear, concise and well organized.

Catharine's struggle to overcome debilitating injuries after a car accident led her to define essential fatty acid balance in her own life to successfully overcome chronic pain after she was told she would live with pain the balance of her life.

Her approach and passion in delivering that message is powerful.

Along with Dr. Bill Lands, Catharine has developed a set of easy to follow tools to achieve balance through diet. If you are pursuing wellness or a wellness program, I highly recommend Catharine's unique and energy packed approach!

Doug Bibus, PhD Lipid Technologies, LLC

Catharine has helped me in so many ways! My muscle cramps, a side effect from chemo, are completely gone!!! So are my sinusitis and plantar fasciitis. My anxiety isn’t gone but most days I don’t feel nearly as anxious as I used to.

When I am consistent, I also notice improvement in my GERD, allergies, and dry eyes. It is amazing to me that when I am not consistent that some of these problems come back, especially my muscle cramps. It is then that I know that what Catharine has me doing really works!

I used to get very anxious after going to bed and couldn't sleep, and then I’d get up and binge. I still do at times, but not as much as I used to. I have more weight to lose, but the 37 pounds I lost just seemed to melt away when I was able to stop resisting so much. At first I was frustrated by her non-diet approach, but Catharine is patient, full of knowledge, and gently persistent.

My boyfriend made just one consistent change and pretty quickly he started feeling better and has a lot less sciatic pain. What I appreciate most about Catharine is that she is "on my team", positive, very kind, motivational, and genuinely cares about me and my health.

Katie D.


I enjoy our conversations; it's always good catching up with you. You bring a fresh, clinical perspective from the front lines of Omega-3 research and translational medicine. I appreciate your practical approach and use of data to make your case. That you are able to help so many companies save money on their healthcare spending and help so many individuals improve their health is a testament to your ability to make a compelling case for change.

Adam Ismail Executive Director, Global Organization of EPA and DHA (GOED)

For decades I had debilitating migraines once or twice a month. I was on the couch for three days each time. With Catharine’s help I DON'T get migraines anymore!

Meanwhile with Omega Balance Wellness, I’ve lost significant weight - I never thought I’d see these numbers on my scale! I was never hungry!

Actually, I’m less hungry than before - I’ve also noticed that I have more energy for projects and new activities.

For example, with constant unpredictable migraines it was difficult to make plans. Now with Catharine's help, instead of being on the couch for days, I've recently started taking classes. If I have a tension headache, it’s pretty mild and sometimes I’m able to use the Mindfulness techniques Catharine taught me, so I don’t actually get a headache!

Now our focus is reducing my hypercholesterolemia and blood pressure. Catharine is flexible and knowledgeable and works within my parameters - and that works for me!


Catharine is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the complex science of omega-3 and omega-6. She does an amazing job relaying this information into small, manageable chunks. I first became interested in omega-3 when I started hearing about the science behind protecting the brain from early dementia and Alzheimer's. Having a family history, and wanting to age without being a burden, I knew this concept was something I needed to explore.

After hearing Catharine's personal story, I decided to follow her lead and make some changes. I was quickly amazed by the positive effects of reducing omega-6 and increasing omega-3; I have more patience, cope with stress much more effectively, sleep like a baby, and have significantly reduced pain from athletic injuries. In addition to supporting me in this transition, Catharine has given me tips and tricks to help me improve my family's diet. The changes I have made are transforming areas in my life that I did not realize needed improvement. I never would have guessed that making small changes in your diet could make such a big difference, but I'm a believer now!

Thank you, Catharine!


Catharine is very smart and has worked hard to translate the research to make it practical and understandable. She's equally comfortable talking about food choices and menu planning or biochemistry and in depth scientific studies.

I appreciate how seamlessly she's able to move from leader to supporter; from student to teacher. Catharine has done her omega 3 research. She's very passionate and could really save a lot of money on healthcare costs if she got the word out!

Catharine is engaging even in difficult circumstances and a real pleasure to work with – I look forward to working with her again…

Lori Love Love Works

Catharine is that rare person who can truly help you transform. She holds an expansive view while pushing through obstacles without seeming pushy, embracing the human component in change. I am inspired by her balance of patience, power, and passion.

I value the informed approach Clark Consulting uses when designing wellness programs. Efficacy is important to me given my public health background. The effectiveness and cohesion Clark brings makes a difference, notably for groups. I would recommend Clark Consulting to any organization trying to balance current realities with desired end goals.

Lawrence Mkondya, MPH Emory University

In the 15 years I've known Catharine Clark we worked together in three very different environments. Catharine has been a mentor and co-worker, direct manager, and colleague. Regardless of the issue at hand, Catharine is approachable and accessible. In my experience Catharine's key strengths are leadership and her ability to coach others so they are successful.

LaTonya Clark Top 5 Consulting Firm

The bottom line for me is that Clark's non-traditional approach to wellness is practical and real world.
As a consultant myself I have a very high bar which Clark surpasses every time.
I've worked with other professionals, some of whom lacked experience or simply re-hashed the same old information.
Clark Consulting really considers the big picture then offers unique, effective solutions.

Mary Anne Wampler Transform, Inc.

Clark Consulting + Coaching, LLC helped me achieve my goals. I'm an RD and an MBA, so Catharine and I speak the same language from health and business standpoints.

What she does is add dynamic, impactful perspective. She's so good at breaking things down - it made it easy to attain success.

Thanks so much!

Carlos Dees, MBA, RD Leading nutrition, health, and wellness company

Thank you for all of your support and help.

I hope I don't need to, but I would work with you again …


… a huge thanks to you for being part of the panel at our Diabetes Alert Day event. We appreciate your expert contribution to the evening's discussion … Thank you for giving so generously of your time and professional expertise in answering questions from the audience … On behalf of both the American Diabetes Association and the Frederick County Diabetes Coalition, we thank you!

Frederick County Diabetes Coalition

Thank you for your work on the Healthy Workplace Certification Program. [It] was very well done, and it would not have gone nearly as well without your input and expertise!

Paul Frey President, FC Chamber of Commerce

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