Who We Are

Reduce Healthcare Costs:
Make Wellness Critical to Your Corporate Culture


Catharine Clark is an energizing executive who delivers bottom-line business results in challenging and diverse businesses by developing a strategic vision focused on execution. Approachable, engaging leadership style. Our team develops straightforward tactics using an evidenced-informed proprietary approach to decrease healthcare costs and increase productivity. Meet Catharine


Clark Consulting’s wellness programs optimally converge:

Leadership’s appetite for change;
Employees’ input on initiatives;
Claims data and benefit utilization;
Delivery methodology;
The Company with the Best Talent Wins!

Our Mission:  

To reduce and manage healthcare costs and improve overall profitability for savvy, forward-thinking companies through customized and effective wellness programs. We deliver bottom-line business results to our clients, their constituents, and investors. We do this by developing an innovative and strategic vision focused on practical execution:


Our Vision:  

Our promise is to bring all of our experience, 100% commitment, and passion to each and every project. Our vision is to be the premier wellness consulting company based on delivering the bottom-line results. We help our clients retain the best talent, by engaging employees with wellness approaches that matter.

Our Values:  

Integrity Produces Results …

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